Individual & Club Sponsorships

Individual Sponsorships

Saddle Up for the Adventure: Ride in as an Individual Sponsor at Our National Specialty!

Transforming National Specialties into unforgettable experiences requires more than just enthusiasm – it demands the dedication, time, and financial backing mixed with a little cowboy gusto. At ACKCSC, we aim to foster a week of cowboy camaraderie and learning for as many enthusiasts as possible. But as the National Specialty’s grandeur grows, so does the need for financial strength

Here’s where your support ropes in something extraordinary. Your sponsorship empowers us to deliver exceptional features like premium venues, world-class judges, top-notch speakers, health clinics, vibrant social social events and more.

Why Be an Individual National Specialty Sponsor?

Your generous sponsorship not only helps to ensure the National Specialty’s success but also lets us lasso up the standard of excellence that defines our National Specialty. As a tip of our ten-gallon hat in gratitude, Individual Sponsorships are prominently recognized in our catalog and throughout the event.

Your Investment, Your Legacy:

By becoming an Individual National Specialty Sponsor, you don’t just support an event – you become a part of its legacy. Your contribution ensures that this year’s National Specialty surpasses expectations and continues to set the standard for excellence.

Ready to help us in crafting a National Specialty that leaves a lasting boot-print? Select your level of impact and join us in shaping an event that stands out, resonates, and leaves a lasting impression. Your sponsorship matters, and we can’t wait to showcase the special moments we’ll create together.

Thank you for being an essential trailblazer in our National Specialty. Choose Your Level of Support:

Platinum $1,000
Gold  $750
Silver  $500

Sponsorship Chair:  Rick Alexander 

Reserved Ringside Seating, our most popular sponsorship, is offered for those individuals who want a guaranteed seat “up front” for conformation judging and ringside events – good for the entire week!

Note: April 2nd will be the deadline for purchasing Reserved Seating, as personalization needs to be ordered.

  • Benefactor – 2 Front-Row Reserved Patron Seats + 2 Keepsake Chairs. Reserved seating in the 1st row, with extra leg room and an unobstructed view. Chairs are of high-quality canvas with attached table, embroidered with the 2024 National Specialty logo and personalized with your name.  Snacks, beverages and other goodies are included. At the end of the week, take your chairs home as a souvenir. Benefactors are recognized in show publications. $1,000.
  • Patron 1 Front-Row Reserved Seat + 1 Keepsake Chair. 
    Reserved seating in the 1st row, with extra leg room and an unobstructed view. Chair is of high-quality canvas with attached table, embroidered with the 2024 National Specialty logo and personalized with your name.  Snacks, beverages and other goodies are included. At the end of the week, take your chairs home as a souvenir. Patrons are recognized in show publications. $500.


  • Donor 1 Reserved Seat + 1 Keepsake T-Shirt. Reserved seating in the 2nd row, with extra leg room and a great view. T-shirt embroidered with the 2024 National Specialty logo and personalized with your name.  At the end of the week, take your t-shirt home as a souvenir.  $100.

Reserved Seating Chair:  Kelly Fadel

Partnerin’ up with us as Trophy Sponsors means you’re fixin’ to sprinkle a bit of that “bling” on the thrill of a victory down at Nationals. Them trophies ain’t just trinkets, they’re treasured keepsakes that folks hold dear for years on end. Every trophy wrangler gets themselves a heartfelt, hand-penned note, tipping our hat to your fine contribution. And rest assured, your moniker as a trophy wrangler will be duly noted in the Catalog.

Sponsorship Chair:  Rick Alexander

Roundin’ up Hospitality Sponsorships usually falls to the hands of member clubs, individuals, and vendors lookin’ to sprinkle a bit of western charm.

These sponsors earn their spot in the limelight with banner signs and a mention in the catalog. (Expect a heap of gratitude from our exhibitors!) Now, let me rustle up the sponsorship options for ya:

MIDAFTERNOON RESPITE – Whether it’s keepin’ the spirits high or providin’ a break in the middle of the day, sponsoring an Afternoon Break is sure to earn you a round of applause.

HOSPITALITY GENERAL FUND – Every bit helps! (Care for a cup of joe/tea or a snack in the ballroom?)

2024 Drawing For VIP Package

Howdy, Buckaroos! Get ready to wrangle the ultimate experience with our 2024 VIP Roundup!

Saddle up and take a shot at our VIP Raffle Package for 2024 – it’s worth a whopping $1,100! We’ve rustled up a mighty fine package, and the odds of roping in a win are lookin’ pretty darn good. If you’ve already snagged a room, we’ll tally up those nights to cover your hotel stay for a full 4 nights. And if you’re still without a bunkhouse, this here’s your chance to nab one!

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

4 Nights of comfy accommodations at our top-notch host hotel
1 Reserved Grooming space to keep your critter lookin’ sharp
1 Patron Chair (front row seat and a keepsake chair)
1 Ticket to the Welcome Party – where the good times roll
1 Catalog to keep track of all the action
1 Breeder Education seminar for all you savvy preservation breeders
1 Health Education seminar to keep your four-legged friends in tip-top shape

But here’s the catch – you gotta rustle up them tickets by March 18th to get in the drawin’. We’ll be throwin’ a public shindig ’round March 20th to announce the lucky winner. And here’s the best part – every dollar you toss in the pot goes straight to supporting the 2024 National Specialty.

So, don’t be shy – throw in your hat and take a chance:

One Shot: $10
Three Shots: $25
Ten Shots: $50
Thirty Shots: $100

Let’s make this National Specialty a rootin’-tootin’ success! So, what are you waitin’ for? Hurry on over to the One-Stop! Store and take a chance and back your National Specialty today! 

VIP Raffle Chair:  Richard Alexander

Welcome Bag Donations

Howdy trailblazers, it’s time to don your cowboy hats and gear up for the 2024 National Specialty – where the excitement is hotter than a branding iron on a summer day! We’re rustlin’ up some mighty special Exhibitor Welcome Bags filled with goodies donated by the most generous clubs, fine folks, vendors, and pals this side of the Mississippi. So, tighten those bootstraps and get ready for a rootin’ tootin’ time as we roll out the red carpet of Western warmth!

Now, we’re wranglin’ up donations to fill these bags, and we reckon some of you might want to throw your lasso in the ring. Just mosey on down and fill out the form below, and once we give it the green light, we’ll send you an email with the shipping details. If you prefer the direct route, drop a holler to Peggy at

Cash contributions are as welcome as a tumbleweed in the breeze. Shoot a message to Richard Alexander, and give us a shout in the comments box below.

And here’s the real kicker—those who pitch in will get their monikers plastered on a flyer tucked cozy in them Welcome Bags, so everyone can tip their hats to the true grit behind the generosity. Much obliged, and happy trails!

Howdy, Party Pals and Trailblazers!

Saddle up for a shindig like no other – the 2024 Rodeo Welcome Party is on the horizon, and we’re fixin’ to make it a hootin’ good time! We reckon you’ll have a blast, and we’d sure be grateful for your support in wranglin’ up a bit of the funds. All you gracious Welcome Party Sponsors will be hailed at the shindig, and your names will be etched in the pages of our show catalog.

Thanks a million for helpin’ us sprinkle that extra dash of “Special” into our National Rodeo!

Sponsorships are up for grabs at the Shop Now! Store – swing by and lasso one for yourself!