Seminars, Health Clinics & Judges Ed


Any meals purchased at the event (lunches, dinners) will be subject to an additional $10-15 charge. Unfortunately we will have to pass this on to the attendee. Please purchase your tickets in advance. (Many items will not be available if not pre-purchased).

Please plan to join us for a special breeder education seminar. Leslie Slusher will be doing a presentation on MCAD – you won’t want to miss this seminar!  Lunch is included.

Date: Monday, April 15th
Event Chair: Charlie Fippin

Leslie Slusher

Speaker Bios here

Heart and eye screenings will be offered. Appointments can be scheduled Wednesday morning at the Clinic Registration Desk. Preference will be given to dogs pre-registered. If you have not pre-registered, we will do our best to accommodate you if there are spaces available. 

Date: TBD

Eye Exams will be done by:  TBD
Cardio Exams will be done by: TBD
Echocardiograms will be done: TBD

Event Chair:  Suzanne Robinson
Pre-Registration Encouraged 

ACKCSC Annual Meeting (for ACKCSC members only)

Plan to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club. Election results announced, committee reports, and annual report. Your input and participation help keep us a strong and vibrant club. Lunch to be provided by the ACKCSC for those who attend.

Date:  Tuesday, April 16th
Eligibility: ACKCSC members in good standing.
No pre-registration required. A signup will be required for the member lunch.
Event Chair: Tina Sterling

Join us for our annual Health Seminar, “Let’s hear it for the boys – a deep dive into male canine reproduction” – presented by Lacey Rosenberg, DVM, DACT.  – This seminar will focus on the male side of canine reproduction, from testicular descent and puberty to semen collection and evaluation. We will discuss what some normal benchmarks are, what to pay attention to when looking at a semen analysis report, and recommendations for stud dog management, including diet/supplements, how often to collect, when to freeze semen and how frozen semen is used, and other important aspects of canine male reproduction that breeder’s should be aware of.

Lunch included (gluten free option available)

Date: Wednesday, April 17th
Event Chair: Tina Sterling

Lacey Rosenberg, DVM

Speaker Bios here

A Breed Seminar and two opportunities for ringside mentoring are offered during Nationals Week to individuals seeking AKC approval to judge Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and for those wanting a more in-depth understanding of the breed. For more information on the ACKCSC Judges Education Program:


The ACKCSC Approved Breed Seminar meets the requirements as one (1) component toward Judge’s Education. This seminar provides history, form and function of the breed, and an in-depth analysis of the Breed Standard. Our presentation is 90 minutes in length with additional time allowed for questions and answers. We try to have at least one example of each of the four colors of Cavaliers present for illustration and examination. Participants receive a copy of our illustrated Breed Guide, an excellent reference for anyone judging the breed or who would like a deeper understanding of the breed and breed standard. Light food and beverages included.

Date: Wednesday, April 17th
Time: 9:00 am
Cost: $25
Event Chair:  Cindy Huggins

Judges Ed Ringside Mentoring

Ringside observation experiences are offered on  Wednesday (Bitches) and Thursday (Best of Breed). A special section is reserved ring-side for our aspiring judges to ensure you get a great view of table examinations and on-the-go movement. You will observe judging with Approved Breed Mentors who can answer questions and share insights about the competition.

Dates: Wednesday, April 17th & Thursday April 18th –
Eligibility: Licensed and Provisional Judges and those Pursuing AKC provisional status, or those who would like a better understanding of the breed.
Cost: $1
Event Chair:  Cindy Huggins