Judge & Speaker Biographies

Conformation Judges

Judge James Finlay - National Specialty Conformation

I have been in dogs all my life. It wasn’t until 1981 we bought our first Cavalier along with my late Mum. We started showing in 1983. Bred our first litter in 1984 which was the start of the ‘Marisk’ Affix. Graham came into my life and the affix ‘Marisk’ became Joint. We got married in 2019 thankfully before Covid.

My first Cavalier judging appointment was in July 1989 and my first CC appointment was in 2003. I have awarded CCs 9 times in Cavaliers and looking forward to judging Cavaliers at The Cavalier Club Show in 2025. I have judged the breed in Europe and in America. I bought my first Griffon Bruxellois in 1999 and have now awarded CCs 11 times in the UK which includes judging Crufts in 2019. I will be judging them at the first North East of England Toy Dog Championship Show in 2024 plus also judging them in Australia in 2024. I have served on many Committee’s over the years as Secretary, Show Manager and Chairman.

At present I am Chairman of The Griffon Bruxellois Club of Scotland. Over the years I have encouraged new people into both breeds who have become very successful and bred their own Champions. Graham has been very successful and awards CC’s in Griffons and is awarding his first set of CCs in Cavaliers in 2024. I am really looking forward to my appointment in 2024.

Judge Mary Hanus - Ind. Spec. Dogs & Intersex

Dogs have always been a big part of my life. My husband, Mike, and I decided on an American Cocker as our first dog.  We attended a dog show shortly thereafter and soon realized that our American Cocker was less than a great example of the breed.  I also discovered that I loved the atmosphere of the show ring.  I immersed myself in everything related to dogs and showing. Information was not as easily accessible as it is today.  I went on to purchase my first American Cocker show hopeful in 1980.  At that time, I worked for professional handlers to pay my handling bills.  I acquired a wealth of knowledge from them along the way.  We finished 22 AKC titles, including three obedience titles on our American Cockers, and then we discovered Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers appealed to me for so many reasons. From their beautiful melting expression, delightful personalities, easier coat care, and the fact that we could handle them ourselves competitively in the show ring, made them a good fit.  Since we began this journey with Cavaliers in 1995, we have obtained over 70 titles on our Cavaliers under the Winterhaven prefix.  All of our Cavaliers are owner-handled, or handled by our wonderful friends.

Over the past 43 years, I have served on the board of many specialty clubs, I am a member of the ACKCSC and a life member of the American Spaniel Club and the Paper Cities Kennel Club.  I also had the privilege to be the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club 2012 National show chair.  I am a founding member and currently the President for the Badgerland CKCSC of Wisconsin.  Since I acquired my judging license, I have judged numerous Cavalier specialties and many all-breed shows.

I am honored to be selected by the membership to judge the companion show to the ACKCSC 2024 National.

Judge Jean G. Tremblay - Ind. Spec. Bitches

I started my own journey in dogs in 1976 as a 14-year-old at a local show when our family Great Dane won a massive 4-point win. I had worked all summer conditioning and grooming, and I was hooked. It was 10 years later that my journey started in cavaliers.

My late partner Garrett Lambert was a pro handler and had had some success in many breeds as well as cavaliers and had many friends in the breed. My first major win on a cavalier was with a sweet little dog named Gary known to some as CH Amantra Coastguard. We have bred and owned 87 Canadian champions, and 21 AKC Champions and a number of class winners at several ACKCSC National Specialties, as well as handling winners dog three times and a number of AOMs. As well, we have bred group winners, Best of Show and Best of Specialty Show dogs in all four colours.

As a handler, I was lucky to show many dogs from the top kennels in the UK; Kindrum, Salador, Homerbrent, Harana, Ricksbury, Sanickro, Grantilley, Amantra, Telvara were a few, for their Canadian and US owners, resulting in over 100 champions and 14 different best in show dogs as well as many National specialty winners. After 47 years in this sport my passion continues and the quest for perfection as well. Not dog one has been perfect, but some were close. As a breeder, and as a judge, I look for the closest to the standard with as many hallmarks and virtues of the breed as possible. Thank you for your consideration.

Futurity & Sweepstakes Judges

Judge Jennifer Wehking - Futurity

Although I’ve been in dogs most of my life, I’ve been involved with Cavaliers since 1995.

I have the AKC Gold medallion for Bred-By-Exhibitor champions and would most likely have a platinum if it was offered 😉. I’ve produced more than 50 champions with the majority owner handled.

I’ve been fortunate to have long lived dogs that make up my line with multiple best in specialty winners as well as NOHS best in shows.

Judge Mary Beth Squirrel - Puppy & Veteran Sweepstakes

I was introduced to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels when I was 13 years old and working my first job with our local Veterinarian. Prior to getting involved with dogs, I was active in training and exhibiting hunter ponies, and had a special interest in showing and breeding Murray Grey’s, a rare breed beef cattle. I learned about pedigrees, genetics, and using breeding to help preserve and improve traits from my grandmother. She was a talented farmer that had her own beautiful herd of Hereford’s. I also became involved in the 4-H judging program and won the provincial competition at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto for horses.

Although breeding and showing dogs was new to me, it was filled with similar fundamentals as breeding and showing livestock. The foundation to my breeding program was two beautiful black and tan bitches, one named Molly (CH Mysticmoon’s Danika, ROM) and the other Nika (Brinklow Rare Nika). Both Molly and Nika were sound, typey, and had that infectious cavalier temperament. They also had good health behind them thanks to the conscientious choices made by the breeders in their pedigrees. Since Molly and Nika, there’s been multiple Canadian Kennel Club(CKC) Champions, CKC Grand championships, and some ROM’s with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada.

Junior Showmanship Judges

Judge Ted Eubank - Nat'l Spec Jr Showmanship

My earliest recollections include an array of my father’s bird dogs (Pointers) in and around our house. Our love for dogs led my wife and me to acquire a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in 1990. Our introduction to that wonderful breed led us into the world of conformation dog shows.

We have bred and owned Cavaliers under the Pinecrest affix for 32 years. We have made up more than 100 AKC Champions including CH Pinecrest Rock the Boat, two times breed winner at the Westminster Kennel Club and twice a National Specialty winner. Rocky and I won 8 All-breed Best in Shows and over 75 Group 1sts.

Mostly, our dogs were shown by me including the 2007 ACKCSC National Specialty winner, the 2007, 2008 and 2013 Westminster Kennel Club Cavalier breed winners and the 2016 Crufts BOB winner. I loved showing our Cavaliers.

I began judging in 1997 and love it. That passion has me judging AKC’s entire Toy and Sporting Groups and All-Breed Junior Showmanship. I have judged Cavalier specialties in England, South Africa, Australia, France (National), Germany, Denmark, Finland and Canada.

Thank you for allowing me the honor of judging Junior Showmanship at our Club’s 2024 National Specialty.

Judge Jill Sherrin - Ind. Spec. Junior Showmanship

I began my love of purebred dogs young with my childhood Golden Retriever who taught our family about the predictability that comes with researching the right breed for our lifestyle.

In high school I first learned about Cavaliers and swore one day I’d have one of my own. My dream was realized 15 years ago when I purchased my first cavalier puppy Avery, a tricolor boy with the sweetest of dispositions. His gentle demeanor and beautiful expression had me hooked. I searched tirelessly trying to learn everything I could about the breed in my quest to be successful in the show ring and whelping box.

My journey to breed better each generation continues today alongside my daughter who assists in showing and breeding our cavaliers. She also has introduced us to a second equally wonderful breed in our home and now breeds Pomeranians on a very limited basis under her kennel affix Winterboots Pomeranians. Because of her involvement and success with her Pomeranians in the breed ring and junior showmanship, I became passionate about juniors and the future of our sport and earned my juniors judging license. I’ve also recently been granted permit status to judge Cavaliers in AKCand plan to continue my education with additional toy breeds in the future.

I’m honored and excited to judge our up-and-coming breed enthusiasts at the independent specialty following our National!

Companion Events & Performance Judges

Judge Terry Thornton - Rally & Obedience

Terry has been showing dogs in performance venues since 1985, back when dinosaurs roamed the show sites.  Although she has managed to obtain breed championships, agility championships, Master Hunters and other various alphabet soup, her first love is for the obedience ring.  She has owned and trained three OTCHs (all golden retrievers) and decided to give back to the obedience and rally community by becoming a judge. She lives with her husband Jim in Ruidoso New Mexico with her two OTCH goldens and a beloved mutt.

She’s honored to be judging the Cavaliers this week and wants to be sure each exhibitor has a fabulous time in her ring.

Judge Pamela "Candy" Nettles - Agility

I am so excited, and honored, to be the agility judge for the Cavalier King
Charles Spaniel’s National Specialty to be held in McKinney, Texas this year.

I live in Oklahoma with my husband, Mike, 5 Labrador Retrievers, 1 Rescue
(Buddy a white Border Collie), 1 cat, 5 horses and 1 donkey. Mike and I are both retired, and enjoy training and showing our dogs. At this time we are active in Obedience, Rally, Scent Work and of course Agility.

I began showing dogs in 1964, in Bermuda with a Lhasa Apso, and became
hooked on training and showing. Through the years I have owned Cocker
Spaniels, Poodles, Lhasa Apsos, Irish Setters, numerous Mixed breeds, and
Labrador Retrievers.

I am looking forward to judging the Cavalier King Charles’ trial this April.
Wishing everyone lots of Qs and a good time.

Seminar Speaker Biographies

Lacey Rosenberg, DVM, DACT

Dr. Lacey Rosenberg was born in northern New Jersey and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She completed her undergraduate studies at the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo before earning her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University in 2016. She then completed a rotating internship in Small Animal Medicine, Surgery, and Emergency Medicine at VCA PetCare in Santa Rosa, CA, and worked as a general practitioner in the area the following year. 

Having always had a special interest in reproduction, Dr. Rosenberg decided to pursue specialty training by completing a Residency in Comparative Theriogenology at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in July 2020. Dr. Rosenberg is a Diplomate of the American College of Theriogenologists. She enjoys all aspects of canine and feline reproduction and is looking forward to offering advanced reproductive veterinary services to the community. Dr. Rosenberg spent her first year after residency providing Theriogenology Services at a large specialty and emergency hospital in Central New Jersey, and she now practices in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina at Veterinary Hospital at the Lake.

Dr. Rosenberg got her first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in 2005 when she was still in high school, and she has been involved in the breed ever since. She regularly exhibits her Cavaliers in Conformation Shows in the American Kennel Club and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA. She also enjoys traveling, reading, and exploring the outdoors. Dr. Rosenberg has attended the ACKCSC National Specialty twice in the past and looks forward to being in Dallas!


Leslie Slusher