Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

We’d like to introduce you to over 1,000 of our closest friends …. and all of their closest friends….  

The ACKCSC puts on an annual event attended by an average of 500 fun, fantastic dog-lovers.  The Event is also of special interest to many members of Regional Cavalier Clubs, and individuals owning Cavaliers as pets.  By supporting the annual National Specialty Event, you will gain exposure not only to our attendees, but a broader reach to those interested in the event through our emails and social media interactions (during last show, our FB followers were over 1,000 and our reach was over 2,200).

The Event also supports the ACKCS Rescue Trust, extending our social media reach on many occasions to its 13,000+ followers; and the ACKCSC Charitable Health Trust and its 1900 followers. Fundraisers for both Trusts are held at the National Specialty Event each year and are advertised on their pages and through emails. So when you sponsor the National Specialty, you help both of those organizations and appeal to their followers.  Remember, these are people that not only need dog related products, but also purchase insurance, travel (many times extensively), dine out, work out, and purchase everyday goods.

Corporate sponsorships start as low as $500 and depending on your business, some types of in-kind sponsorships are accepted.

Please fill out the Corporate Sponsor Inquiry Form or contact Rick Alexander,  and let us know you are interested in sponsorship opportunities.We would  love to work with you to put together a creative, one-of-a-kind sponsorship package that is a good fit for you and/or your company!

Join us in 2024 For The Celebration  – and be a part of something special!

Corporate Sponsor Inquiry Form

We are happy to put together a sponsorship package that works for you and offer a large range of options with pricing between $500 - $10,000. If you have something specific in mind, please let us know.