PSOM: A recent report in the veterinary literature has documented an otitis media (middle ear infection) that appears to affect the CKCS breed in particular. Due to the mucoid nature of the ear disease the condition has been referred to as primary secretory otitis media (PSOM) or “glue ear.”

Clinical signs of PSOM may not be presented (referred to as sub-clinical). If clinical signs are present, they may include hearing loss, neurological signs (facial paralysis, head tilt, involuntary eye movement, and circling, unsteady and clumsy walking patterns), neck scratching and head shaking.

The sample study indicated 40% of the study group had PSOM. A veterinary dermatologist treats this disorder by flushing the affected ear. The ACKCSC Charitable Trust is currently funding a study at The Ohio State University's Veterinary College.

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