merican Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Thursday, May 2, 2002 - Friday, May 3, 2002
Held at Holiday Inn
Bensalem, PA

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All results reflect the dogs' current owners. 

      (186 Ent - 91d - 95b)
  Breed Winners
      Best of Breed or Variety CH Ravenrush Zebulon (D),  J Gammon/R Schroll
      Best of Opposite Sex CH Felicity Carly (B),  B Hill
      Best of Winners Sheryane Rutherford Jamieson (D),  L Ronaldson
      Winners Dog Sheryane Rutherford Jamieson  L Ronaldson
      Reserve Winner Dog Roycroft Simply A Star  L Lang
      Winners Bitch Covington Kiss This  H Mohn/G Mohn
      Reserve Winner Bitch Crown Point Answered Prayer  M Lamb/D Mcnett
  Intersex Mrs. M Close
  Dogs Mrs. M Close (61d 5 pts)
    Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. Mrs. M Close
      1 Rattlebridge Arch Rival  M Johnson-Snyder
      2 Rattlebridge Red Alert  M Johnson-Snyder/A Snyder
      3 Rattlebridge Archeology  R Stauton/M Johnson-Snyder/S Moses
      4 Sovereign Steward Of Bradford  J Foley/P Hicks/P Conroy
    Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. Mrs. M Close
      1 Crestrail's Red At Knight  S Robinson
      2 Grantilley Spot On  M Lamb/D Mcnett
      3 St Jon Relentless  B Brooks/L Brooks/J Wehking
      4 Royal Oak Special Edition  C Medina/T Nolan
    12 - 18 Mos. Mrs. M Close
      1 Kingsland Simon Says  C Londitch/H Korber
      2 Grantilley Birthday Royale  H Arnold
      3 Rattlebridge First Amendment  D Chandler/M Johnson-Snyder
      4 Stonecroft Headliner  D Turkelson/S Fippin
    Bred By Exhibitor Mrs. M Close
      1 Roycroft Simply A Star  L Lang RW
      2 Laylagrove Hot Toddy  C Kinskey
      3 Hartwell O'Aces Bonfire  D Cleary/N Cush
    American Bred Mrs. M Close
      1 Holyoke Wiloughby Of Alenham  Colatriano/B Sterling
      2 Stonecroft Here For Hugs  D Turkelson/S Fippin
    Open BT Mrs. M Close
      1 Salador Cool Gunner  L Yoder/C Yoder
      2 Taron Jack Of Clubs  J Casey/S Gamboni
      3 Amantra Nightmare  B Sterling
      4 Fair Oaks Jive Talkin  
    Open TRI Mrs. M Close
      1 Sheryane Rutherford Jamieson  L Ronaldson BW, W
      2 Loranka's Romantic Moments  A Duke
      3 Highland Fairfield Samuel NA NAJ  F Hellman/C Minter
      4 Halfmoon High Roller  L Cobb
    Open BLENHEIM Mrs. M Close
      1 Court's Double Jeopardy  M Guimond
      2 Buraba Summer Odessey  R Bruns
      3 Anncourt McTramp  A Paloheimo
      4 Cavashon Kindrum Gold  
    Open RUBY Mrs. M Close
      1 Rattlebridge Erik The Red  L Dunham/H Jesse/M Johnson-Snyder
      2 Taron Sundance Kid  S Way/S Gamboni
      3 Fair Oaks Ruby Port  C Meager
      4 Maramond Never Say Never  L Stipick/M Guimond
  Bitches Ms. S G Allen (85b 5 pts)
    Puppy 6 - 9 Mos. Ms. S G Allen
      1 HMS Funny Faith  D Martin/K Murphy
      2 Carver's Miss Maxine  
      3 Stonecroft Looking For Truffle  
      4 The Best Revenge For Woftam  L Yoder/C Yoder
    Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. Ms. S G Allen
      1 St Jon Bijou Summer Dreams  J Sardo/J Wehking
      2 Truluv Shooting Star  L Nikaci
      3 Rattlebridge Triumph  
      4 Rattlebridge Payback Roxian  M Johnson-Snyder
    12 - 18 Mos. Ms. S G Allen
      1 Grantilley Emily Bronte  R Bodden
      2 Grantilley Birthday Girl  M Mayfield
      3 Castlekeep Karmen Electra  M Anderson
      4 New Horizon Mambo Madness  R Pili/R Pili
    Novice Ms. S G Allen
      1 Gray Stone Sterling Specially  S Osio/D Petralia
    Bred By Exhibitor Ms. S G Allen
      1 Kavalor Kiama  K Galipeault
      2 Rattlebridge About Last Nite  M Johnson-Snyder
      3 Imagine A China Doll  L Lake
      4 Castlekeep Story Teller  M Anderson
    American Bred Ms. S G Allen
      1 Crown Point Answered Prayer  M Lamb/D Mcnett RW
      2 Piccadil's Duchess Of York  J York/S Daigle
      3 Maramond Inspiration  M Guimond/J Pardue
    Open BT Ms. S G Allen
      1 Stonecroft Before Dawn  S Fippin
      2 Maramond Anisette  Y Morgan
      3 Elyzian Whimsical Whitney  S Ellis/J Ellis
      4 Starborn Dolly Darlin  D Heffner
    Open TRI Ms. S G Allen
      1 Sheryane Rutherford Lady Grace  L Ronaldson
      2 CH Fair Oaks Leading Lady  J Sardo
      3 Turnberry Premier Diamond  B Sterling
      4 Karabeck Made You Look  D Turkelson/M Cooperman
    Open BLENHEIM Ms. S G Allen
      1 Covington Kiss This  H Mohn/G Mohn W
      2 CH Timsar Miss Damina  L Yoder/C Yoder
      3 Grantilley Spring Rain  N Maximuck
      4 Ringhill Angel In The Morning  V Johns/J Johns
    Open RUBY Ms. S G Allen
      1 Hartwell Burning Passion  D Cleary
      2 Stillmeadow Sweetbriar Rose  Y Morgan
  Non-Reg Veteran, Dogs Mrs. M Close
    Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO10 Mrs. M Close
      1 CH Maibee Royal Revenge  P Kanan/C Lazzeroni
      2 CH Corneel V.H. Lamslag CDX AX AXJ  J York
      3 CH Chanctonbury Jack-O-Lantern At O'Aces OA OAJ  N Cush
      JAM CH Maibee Royal Revenge  P Kanan/C Lazzeroni
  Non-Reg Veteran, Bitches Ms. S G Allen
    Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO10 Ms. S G Allen
      1 Royal Companion Golden Romance  A Snyder