CH Orchard Hill Surprise Party, ROM, LOM

Breeder: Erica S. Venier

Owners: Erica Venier and Rachel Venier







Great Grandparents

Droleus That's M'Showoff, JW

Eng CH Mareve Indiana

ENG CH Dheripark Aodhan

Bengrove Anarima at Mareve

Droleus That's M'Girl

ENG CH Coedgwylum Hot Rod

Pendro Delicious for Droleus

AM/CAN CH Bramble Royal Heritage at Orchard Hill, ROM

Bramble Ethan

CAN CH Rutherford Elliot of Shagbark

Ryehill Christmas Cracker of Bramble

CAN CH Bramble Royal Rascal

AM/CAN CH Ricksbury Royal Rebellion

Shagbark O'Suzannah of Bramble