RACH LaCanina Orion CD BN RM4 RAE3
Breeder-Valentina Schuler
Owners-Deborah Neufeld and Valentina Schuler

RACH LaCanina Orion CD BN RM4 RAE3 




Great Grandparents

Brookhaven Sole Incanto

Eng CH Pascavale Enchanted, ROM

ENG CH Tameline Northern Dancer

ENG CH Britannia of Pascavale

Crosscreek Brookhaven Casinol

CH Falling Springs Gemstone at Brookhaven

Eulenburg Queen of Hearts

Giltmore LaCanina Frangelica

CH Serengetileon Dei Compte D'Eau RE

Carlos Panta Rhei V. 'T Heeske

Uptomarblearch Dei Compte D'Eau

Cotillion Phoenicianne

Tomnee's Phoenix

Brookhaven Play It Again Sam