CH & ENG CH Pascavale Smarty, ROM
Breeders~Michael Levy & Mark Sedgwick
Owners~ Paula Ayers and Brenda Martz


 CH Pascavale Smarty ROM



Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents

Timsar Master of Ceremonies 

 Eng CH Pascavale Enchanted, ROM

 Eng CH Tameline Northern Dancer

 Eng & AM CH Brittania of Pascavale

Eng & Am CH Timsar Miss Chief

 Linjato Ace of Base
 Timsar Miss Jocasta

Pascavale Verona 

Eng & Am CH Pascavale Jamie   Eng CH Craigowl Billy Elliot
 CH Pascavale Loretta, ROM
 Pascavale Truluv  Eng & AM CH Pascavale Pancho
 Pascavale Mardi Gras