2021 National Specialty Survey

By now, many of you may have gotten an email containing a room reservation cancellation notice from the hotel for the April 2021 National.  
Apparently, the hotel agrees that it is not likely that Virginia COVID restrictions will allow an event the size of ours to go on in April at Founders Inn. We apologize for the surprise and confusion; we did not know that they were going to send room reservation cancellations to our attendees as we are still negotiating our contract. We had asked the hotel to look at alternative dates later this year. They only came up with one option for us to consider: August 23-27. We asked for some time to investigate that possibility. We understood that we needed to give them an answer by Feb. 11, 2021.
So we are asking for your input regarding postponing the date for our 2021 National to August.
Before you answer, please review the facts as we know them today.
  • Virginia restrictions in place until at least February 28th - Executive Order 72
  • Public and private in-person gatherings of more than 10 people who do not live in the same household are not allowed.
  • Average temps in VA Beach during the proposed week - 85 degrees w/75% humidity – feels like 95 degrees - FAST CAT/Agility are planned for outside would likely be cancelled for the safety of the dogs.
  • Airline embargo- no dogs in cargo due to temperature restrictions
  • Atlanta Cavalier Specialties are scheduled for August 28 and 29, 2021
  • Because it will be “high season” our room rates will increase to $149 Sunday through Thursday $159 Friday and Saturday
  • It is unlikely that we will be able to have our member selected Foreign Judges (James Finlay & Marianne Creary) due to COVID travel/quarantine restrictions
  • Even with reduced restrictions, it is likely that we’d be looking at “Show & Go” type event. Ballroom capacity could be reduced. This could mean no ringside seating!
  • Welcome Party, Health and Rescue Banquets may not be allowed or have significantly reduced capacity due to Social Distancing restrictions.
  • Grooming would possibly have to be outside – issues with blow dryers and spread of particulates.
  • If we don't hold our Specialty in August, we would likely have to cancel for 2021
All Surveys completed by Sunday February 7th at 6:00 CST will be considered in our final decision. This email can be shared with non-members who are interested in our National Specialty. We want to hear from all of the people who support our show.
Thank you again for your patience as your Oversite Committee and Board of Directors navigate these difficult and uncharted waters.
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