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The 2022 Breeder Education seminar will be presented by Leslie Slusher, PHD. The title of the Seminar is Health Tests 101: Genotypic Tests vs. Phenotypic Tests” 

Health tests are important tools to any breeder and form the foundation of many breeding decisions. They can be divided into two general categories; genotypic health tests and phenotypic health tests. Understanding the difference between these two types of tests is critical to their most effective use. In this seminar, we will review each type of test, interpretation of the results and how to apply them to breeding decisions. Specifically, the tests most commonly used in Cavaliers will be reviewed to illustrate the concepts of gene inheritance, penetrance, and heritability. Included will be a discussion of the coefficient of inbreeding calculated from genomic data versus that calculated from pedigrees.

Leslie Slusher, Ph.D

86766519 2473455542906292 7187498869297512448 oLeslie Slusher, Ph.D. received her doctoral degree from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine where she remained following graduation in order to complete a five-year National Institutes of Health sponsored postdoctoral fellowship in Molecular Genetics. She joined the Department of Biology Faculty at West Chester University of Pennsylvania in 1991. She spent the next 26 years teaching Genetics, Human Genetics, Bioethics, Medical Genetics and Molecular Genetics at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. She was the recipient of many teaching awards perhaps the most significant being named Professor of the Year by the University’s Honor Students the year proceeding her retirement.  Her area of research was the genetics of prostate cancer, specifically racial differences in the incidence and progression of prostate cancer. She was the recipient of numerous grants from both the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Her research was also supported by several pharmaceutical companies.

Date: Monday, April 11

Event Chair: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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