2019 Drawing For VIP Package

Take a chance on the VIP Raffle Package for 2019. We are excited to announce that this year’s package is valued at over $1,500! You could win the following. This is such a great package, and the chances of winning are pretty high.
  • 4 Nights accommodations at the Resort & Conference Center at Hyannis
  • 1 Reserved Grooming space
  • 1 Patron Chair (1st row seat & keepsake chair)
  • 1 Welcome Party ticket
  • 1 Catalog
  • 1 Breeder Education seminar
  • 1 Health Education seminar
  • 1 Canine Good Citizen workshop

Tickets must be purchased by March 22nd for a public drawing on or about March 28th . All proceeds go directly to supporting the 2019 National Specialty.

One Chance = $10
Three Chance = $25
Ten Chances = $50
Thirty Chances = $100

Please Take a Chance and Support YOUR National Specialty!!!

VIP Raffle Chair:  TBD

Buy VIP Raffle Tickets:  Shop Now!

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