Canine Good Citizen tests provide an opportunity for Cavalier owners to demonstrate the versatility of their dogs. In conformity with the Breed standard, they show that the dog is fearless and sporting in character, while gentle and affectionate.  Cavaliers must demonstrate that they are gay, friendly, and non-aggressive, with no tendency towards nervousness or shyness. Bad temper, shyness, and meanness are not to be tolerated. These characteristics are tested by the CGC tests.

Urban Canine Good Citizen

“The AKC Urban CGC is a test of practical behaviors for dogs who live in and are tested in urban settings.” Once completed, the Title of CGCU will be awarded to the dog.

Your Performance Committee is working with the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce for transportation and a pet friendly building to test in as a group. You must have the CGC basic before testing for the CGCU, (Oh guess what, we can do that at the Nationals along with the CGC Advanced). The CGCU will be the last of the three tests so all three can be obtained on Wednesday afternoon or just choose one or two. The CGCU does require a 3 minute down stay in the public building. So start practicing!

All of the test requirements are available on the AKC website, and a brochure is also available. So please take a look and familiarize yourself with the tests. There will also be a workshop to review the tests on Monday. Bring clothing for inclement weather for both you and your Cavalier.

We will have the paperwork for you to fill out, ribbons and even pins for the CGCU test. Everyone at the Nationals can come home with a ribbon! Feel free to contact the  Performance Committee for questions and concerns!


The 2019 ACKCSC 25th Performance Specialty Committee:

Gail Katz, Anne O’Reilly, Dee Wallis, Joan Tenille, Cheryl Mandeville, Nancy Rice Waggoner, Joyce Bustrum and Marji McCormick


CGC and Advanced CGC Tests

Successful participants are eligible to order a certificate from AKC or may request an AKC title that will appear on AKC title records and may be listed as a suffix after the dog's name. The schedule of the CGC Tests will be published with other Show events, and exhibitors will receive a notice of the running order for dogs before the day of the test.


More information about the AKC Canine Good Citizenship  program can be found here:


Date: Wednesday, April 17

Evaluators: Dee Wallis and Anne O’Reilly

Event Chair:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

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 The ACKCSC will offer a hands-on workshop on Monday of Nationals Week to teach the skills required for the CGC and Advanced CGC tests. For more information, click here