This is a guide for first time users to the Roy Jones Online Entry System

1.  Go to

2. Click on the link that says Click here to login

3. Click on the link that says Register (if you don't have an account)


4. Fill in all fields and click on Register

5. Click on the plus side to "put dogs in the kennel area" This is when you add your dogs information.

6. Type in the AKC number and then click the box below "Add by AKC Number"

7. Click the down arrow and select Cavalier King Charles spaniel, then fill in all of the information about your dog.

8. If you are the only owner, Click no more owners. If there is another owner, highlight "None of these. Add a new owner", then click on the select button.

9. Fill in the information for the co-owner, then click complete. It will bring you back to the screen above. Repeat this process until all co-owners have been added, then click "No More Owners"

10. When the dog has been added, it will appear in the "Kennel Area" Repeat steps 6-10 for each dog that you are entering.
Once the dogs are in the "Kennel Area" You will need to move them into the "Entry Area" This is a simple drag and drop. You will need to put the dog into a seperate entry area for each show.

11. When you have moved the dog into the entry area, there will be no class selections available until you select the show you want to enter. Slide dow the list of shows on the left and find the National or Regional Specialty that you want to enter. (You will have to put the dog in the entry area three seperate times if you want to enter all three shows)

12. Once you have selected a show, you can select all classes relevant to your dog. (for example, regular class, sweeps, futurity, brace...)
When you have completed all the entries for all of the shows, scroll to the bottom and click on check out now.

13. Fill in the Billing info and click OK



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