Cindy Huggins
ACKCSC Conformation and Junior Showmanship

Cindy Huggins has owned, bred and shown Cavalier King Charles Spaniels since 1971.  She participated in the formation of the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, and began exhibiting Cavaliers in AKC shows immediately after recognition.

Cindy feels blessed to have owned and shown CH Partridge Wood Laughing Misdemeanor (Demi). Demi was the first and is the only CKCS bitch and the first and only whole color (ruby) to be Best of Breed and earn a Group 4 placement at Westminster in 1997. Demi was also Best Opposite Sex at the first ACKCSC National Specialty in 1997, and she earned this award for the second time as a Veteran in 1999.  

Cindy has continually shown and bred Cavaliers. In 1996, she began co-breeding and co-owning Cavaliers with Patty Kanan (Torlundy). This special friendship and successful partnership continues today. They were graced by the import of English CH and BISS CH Timsar Mister Moonlighter who was Best of Breed at Crufts, Best of Breed at the AKC Eukanuba Invitational and at Westminster all within a 12 month period of time. His influence will be seen in the American show ring for years to come. Together they have co-owned and co-bred English Toy Spaniels for the past 15 years.

Cindy's accomplishments in the dog show world has not been limited to cavaliers; she has exhibited and finished English Cocker Spaniels, Japanese Chins and co-bred and finished Pugs and English Toy Spaniels. She professionally trained obedience and protection dogs and worked as a dog behavior modifier for problem dogs since 1982. 

Cindy currently is active as an ACKCSC Judges’ educator and Chairperson of the ACKCSC Breeders Education Program, as well as being Trophy Chairman for the Kennel Club of Beverly Hills. 

Shelly Hodgkinson
ACKCSC Sweepstakes

I became involved in dogs about 30 years ago through my husband Chris. He bred and showed Siberian Huskies since he was a child. After we were married and had our two girls, Alexandra and Olivia, I wanted a dog that the girls and I could get involved in showing as a family affair.
Twenty-six years ago we meet and purchased our first cavalier , a tri colour dog, Ch. Mostyn The Celtic Princeling (Chip), From Brigida Reynolds.
Brigida quickly became, not just a mentor but a cherished family friend.

A few short years later we acquired from Mrs. Reynolds a blenheim female,  Mostyn Estelle (Stella) and a blenheim male, Can/Am Ch. Mostyn Celtic Sorin.
Sorin was a top 10 toy dog in Canada and became an AKC Ch. in a weekend, the first month cavaliers were eligible to be shown at an AKC All Breed event.

I began handling around this time, with my specialty being cavaliers. I have had the great honour in handling for some of the best kennels over the years and making lifelong friendships along the way.

I have attended almost all of the AKC Cavalier National events, just missing a few over the years. When looking back , I have piloted dogs to every major award available at the AKC Cavalier Nationals. The most memorable moment in this journey was to be awarded BIS at the 2011 National, under the esteem judge Mr. Ken Town, from the 12-15 month class on our own dog Can/Am/CKCSC-USA Ch. Orchard Hill Charismatic(Brady) , co-owned with his breeder Mrs. Erica Venier.

With this new chapter starting in my life, I am deeply honoured to be invited to judge sweeps at this years National. I look forward to meeting all the dogs and their owners. Best of luck to all the exhibitors, but most of all , enjoy the week and let’s have fun!


robbijonesRoberta "Robbi" Jones
ACKCSC Futurity

Robbi showed a Dachshund when she was 13, and was hooked on showing dogs from then on. The Bichon Frise was the first breed she actively showed in conformation and obedience, starting in 1971. She obtained two Companion Dog (CD) obedience degrees on Bichons, and her first Bichon became a Champion shortly after the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC); four Bichons that she bred also became AKC Champions.

Her first Cavalier arrived in 1983, which started her 33-year love affair with the breed. Since then, Robbi has owned and/or bred numerous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (CKCSC), AKC, and Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Champions, as well as several AKC obedience degrees. She has bred CKCSC champions in three colors and AKC champions in all four colors. She was the CKCSC Breeder of the Year for the 1996 award. She owned the Top CKCSC Brood Bitch for 1990 (Can. Ch. Kindrum Alice at Rutherford) and the Top CKCSC Stud Dog for 1991 {Ch./Can. Ch. Kindrum Lucifer at Rutherford (who sired the Top-Pointed CKCSC Cavalier dog and bitch (Ch. B.J. Holy Terror and Ch./AKC Ch. Rutherford Vivian)}. Robbi also bred the Top CKCSC Stud Dog for 1992, 1993, and 1994 (Ch. Rutherford Elliot of Shagbark). She bred, owned, and showed the Black and Tan Ch. Rutherford Jocelyn (the Top-Pointed Wholecolor for many years) and her Blenheim daughter (Ch./AKC Ch. Rutherford Vivian), who was the Top-Pointed Cavalier in CKCSC for 1995 and the Top-Pointed Bitch and second Top-Pointed Cavalier in CKCSC for many years. Since then, Robbi has bred,owned, and showed many CKCSC and AKC Champions, including Ch./AKC Ch. Rutherford Tallulah, JW, and her litter sister Ch./AKC Ch. Rutherford Therese, JW, Ch. Rutherford Rachel, and Ch. Rutherford Electra, JW (7th Top Bitch in CKCSC for 2014 ).

Robbi judged her first Championship Show for Cavaliers of the West (COTW) in 1992 and her second for Cavaliers of the Northeast (CNE) in 1995. She has also judged Cavaliers in England, and Cavaliers, Chinese Crested, Bichon Frises, and Tibetan Spaniels in Wales. Robbi was honored to judge and award Challenge Certificates to dogs at the West of England Cavalier Championship Show in 2008. She has participated in judging seminars in England and the United States, including the mu;tiple-day judging seminar in England taught by breed specialists, and the week-long AKC Judges Institute. She has given judging seminars and organized judging seminars using top foreign and American Cavalier breeders, and has served as Show Chairman for matches and championship shows.

Robbi is a founding member of ACKCSC and has served as the Vice President of CKCSC and Cavaliers of the Northeast (CNE); served on the Board of Directors of CKCSC, CNE, and Cavaliers of the West (COTW); and served on the CNE Judges Committee.

kandersonKaren J Anderson
ACKCSC Rally & obedience

At the tender age of nine years, Karen was mentored by a neighbor who competed in obedience. She says that training dogs seems to have always been a part of her life.

In the 1960's, her first Doberman literally came off the truck bound for a research facility. Through the years Karen has trained and competed with a number of other breeds, but in the 1980's returned to her favorite and has had Dobermans ever since, She currently shares her life with two of them and also a Manchester Terrier.

Karen's dogs have earned many UD titles both here and in Canada, qualified for the Dog World Award (when Dog World Magazine had that title) and Front & Finish's Platinum Award; HC and HIT's, and Rally RAE and HC Her Dobes have also been honored by the Doberman Pinscher Club of America being ranked in Doberman Top 20 Obedience. Besides training, showing and judging, Karen has instructed obedience classes for over 20 years and is also involved in her county 4H Dog Project..

Karen wishes the best of luck to all the exhibitors at the Cavalier National Competition.


botkoLouis Botko
ACKCSC Rally & Obedience

My interest in Obedience started in 1982 when I purchased my first miniature schnauzer puppy. Since that time, dogs and the sport of Obedience have been an important part of my life.

Over the years I have trained six dogs through Utility; three dogs completed the Utility Excellent (UDX) title; and two dogs completed the coveted Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) title. Two of my dogs have also earned Rally titles. Last summer I added a three year old miniature schnauzer, Cody, to our dog family. Cody has his Champiomship and is now getting underway with his Obedience work.

In addition to training and showing my dogs at AKC events, I take them to elementary schools where I share information with young children about being a responsible dog owner. The dogs also perform some of the exercises learned in Obedience. The kids really enjoy watching the dogs “work” and also sharing their own dog stories with me.

For the past five years, one of my dogs, Fury, has made weekly visits to an elementary school where she listens to second grade students read to her. Fury is a natural around kids and loves all the attention that comes her way.

Becoming an Obedience judge is another extension of the sport that I love. My first Novice assignment was in 1993 and I have been approved to judge all classes since 1997. I have judged the AKC National Obedience Invitational in St. Louis and Tampa, and in 2012, I had the honor of judging the Juniors in Orlando. I have exhibited at the NOI in Long Beach, CA and the NOC in Harrisburg, PA and St. Louis, MO. I am also approved to judge all Rally classes.

Five years ago I retired from teaching and K-12 district curriculum positions held in the Robbinsdale and Minneapolis Public Schools. I now have a more flexible schedule to train and show my dogs, and also more time to travel, read, swim, bike, shop, and more!

I am honored to be judging your 2017 National Specialty and look forward to seeing each team in the ring. Good luck to everyone, and most of all, have a great time!


Victoria MacVicar
ACKCSC Agility

I began my agility passion in 1996 when I watched my first agility trial and was amazed when I saw a dog run over the teeter. I fell in love with the sport immediately. Brittanys are my breed and I was fortunate to have my first agility dog be fast, driven and in love with the sport as much as I was. I was blessed to have a very supportive husband and then blessed more, with 4 generations of Brittanys qualifying for the AKC Invitationals and Nationals.
As a judge and exhibitor, I love watching the dog/handler teams “dance” through courses and enjoy watching all the handling styles throughout the US. I’m always amazed how much agility has grown since I was in Novice A and I’m thrilled to be part of it.
I was raised in Michigan and started my Computer career after college in Colorado Springs. I transferred to Massachusetts and my husband and I decided move to Florida where I worked from home for 15 years. I was offered an early retirement package from Hewlett-Packard a couple of years ago and I now enjoy training and showing my dogs and of course, judging.
I belong to the Mid-Florida Brittany Club and the Dog Training Club of Tampa where I have been a past president and the treasurer for many years.
Thank you for inviting me to judge and I’m looking forward to watching all of you and your Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, “dance” around the course.


nickfrostNicholas Frost
TCCKCSC Conformation & Junior Showmanship

Twin Cities CKCS Club Regional Specialty 28th April 2017



katiesloanCatherine "Katie" Sloan
TCCKCSC Conformation

Twin Cities CKCS Club Regional Specialty 29th April 2017
Having spent my formative years on my parent’s dairy farm situated south of Edinburgh, my appreciation for “ all creatures great and small “ developed. At an early age I saw photographs of cavaliers and vowed that was the breed of dog I would have in later life. True to form, our blenheim puppy joined us as a companion and was a great asset to our family, our two children being pre-school age. I was encouraged by her breeder to have atleast one litter from her and suggested a suitable stud dog. Unfortunately that mating resulted with no puppies !! I was devastated !! On hindsight, she was not “ top quality “ but next season she was mated and produced seven puppies !! I did not keep any of her offspring and after attending a couple of shows as a spectator I had the urge to venture into the “ show world “ myself !! I was fortunate to buy a a Homaranne Caption daughter and later was able to purchase a superb blenheim girl from Mary Millican of Peatland Cavaliers. I am indebted to Mary to this day for allowing me to have “ pick of the litter.”
In 1986 I was very keen to own a wholecolour , preferably a female but I had the opportunity to buy a lovely ruby boy....Leelyn Touch Of Class At Turretbank. So although “ putting the cart before the horse “ so to speak ....I knew the breeding I wished to have to mate to him. My two black/tan girls were purchased from two Scottish breeders and that was the start of my wholecolour line as it is today.
Having bred, shown and judged cavaliers for over thirty years, I have been most fortunate to have my ever patient husband’s encouragement and later our daughter Naomi’s enthusiasm to help me develop my “ Turretbank “ line and I am extremely proud to have bred AKC, CKCSC, USA, Canadian, International Champions and others in many European countries. Since retiring, David and I divide our time between France and Scotland and I have enjoyed attending expositions throughout France. Making up French Champion Turretbank Tobermory and Turretbank Silver Sixpence was very rewarding......I also have what the French describe as Vice Champions too.
Invitations to judge have been received from Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Latvia, Luxembourg and UK and having the privilege to appraise the cavaliers of many countries is an experience to be treasured. Talking to fellow breeders and exhibitors, exchanging ideas and opinions helps us to further our knowledge of our “ special “ breed.
I was delighted to receive your kind invitation to judge at your prestigious show and consider it to be a great honour to be part of your Regional Speciality 2017 and I thank you most sincerely for the opportunity to appreciate your cavaliers.
Another “ new adventure “.....

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